Kelly Ripa Halloween Costumes: Miley, Kim, Lindsey and More!

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Kelly Ripa may not get points for originality.

But she earns a high praise for perseverance.

The talk show host and co-anchor Michael Strahan dressed as a number of pop culture icons this morning on air, starting with a creation of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke Twerking at the VMAs and continuing with their impressions of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

Kelly Ripa as Miley Cyrus
Kelly Ripa as Kim Kardashian

From there, it was on to the world of fictitious drug dealers (Jesse Pinkman and Walter White) and real-life athletes in love (Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods).

Kelly Ripa as Jesse Pinkman
Kelly Ripa as Lindsey Vonn

And, finally, the twosome got some help from other crew members and made like the beloved members of Duck Dynasty:

Kelly Ripa as Duck Dynasty Member

We hope the wardrobe and makeup department were paid hefty bonuses for this quick changes, all of which took place within 60 minutes.

Which Kelly and Michael costume is your favorite?

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