Kanye West: All About Twerking, Cracking the Matrix

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Kanye West should get engaged every week.

Ever since popping the question to Kim Kardashian, this rapper has been on fire, ranting about racism and the drug of Yeezus, while giving interviews that freely admit he and his fiancee are all about exploitation and money-making.

And Kanye was at his entertaining best yesterday during a wide-ranging chat with 97.1 AMP Radio in Los Angeles.

First, he took issue with the perception that he "rants" on stage.

“Rant has a negative connotation,” West said. “And these are inspirational, visionary, breaks in pop culture. Every time I talk, it is a crack in the matrix. When I wake up, ‘cause nobody’s gonna fire me tomorrow, so I can say anything I want to say. And luckily, I want to say positive things. And I want to make my mama happy, and I want to do God’s work.”

And we want to give Kanye a platform because the guy cracks us up!

Here's a rundown of other topics touched on during the Q&A:

On Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video: “We still haven’t seen a video as good as that video. Like five years later, we still haven’t seen a video that good."

On labeling himself a creative genius: "That’s just my title. I don’t know any other way to explain what I do.”

On his goals: “I’m trying to open up peoples’ minds. I want people to think more. I want people to feel like it’s okay to create. I want people to feel like it’s okay to make mistakes in front of people and follow what their dreams are and not feel boxed in. I want people to feel like you know, awesome is possible."

On his professional dreams: “I wanna make a gym. I wanna make a store. I wanna do apartment complexes. I want to build cities. I want to be involved with hyperloop when it comes into reality with Elon Musk - that’s the conversation I wanna be in.”

On Kim's ex-boyfriend/husbands: “I’m getting married to Kim Kardashian and I’ve never played in the NBA.”

On Miley Cyrus at the VMAs:  “I would just have her twerk more."

On proposing at AT&T Park in San Francisco: "It seemed like so All-American. I love being an American and I love you know, family.”

On fashion: “I’m the number one most influential person on the globe in fashion.”

On... something: “No one older than me has a better idea than me because I’m the only 36-year-old me! I’m the most relevant voice on the planet earth at age 36 post-being-the-most-hated. So don’t try to tell me anything. Help me help other people.”


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