Kanye West Rants in Las Vegas: F-ck Racism! The Truth is Inside You!

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What fun is life if you don't talk shit, right?

So kicked off another epic Kanye West rant in Las Vegas last night, as the rapper made it clear that an engagement to Kim Kardashian has not mellowed his soul. Not one bit.

In Sin City to help Kardashian celebrate her 33rd birthday, West took to the stage and got himself nice and worked up over a number of topics, screaming about how no one can tell him how to act in an interview... and how tight jeans are stupid.

West also went off about racism, sharing stories about how mother got arrested during sit-ins when he was a child and how "clean water was only served to the fairer skin."

His main, loud message: F-CK RACISM!

West, of course, has ranted on stage on a number of past occasions. He once blasted corporations and he once said he's treated like Hitler.

In the second part of this outburst, though, Kanye espoused the "drug of Yeezus" and told everyone they are "constantly being lied to." But the truth is inside you, people. THE TRUTH IS INSIDE YOU!

Oh, he also donned a mask the entire time and concluded by raising a glass to the douchebags. Really, you need to watch:

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