Kanye West on Kim Kardashian: We're in the Exploitation Business!

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This is why we love Kanye West: raw, brutal honesty.

We also love him because he rants about racism and fashion and the drug of Yeezus... but back to that honesty thing.

Asked during an interview on Power 106 yesterday if he and Kim Kardashian will televise their wedding, the rapper freely admitted: sure, maybe. If the price is right!

“What’s official for everybody in this room and everybody on this globe right now is them bills," Kanye said like only he can. "Me and Kim are in the exploitation business. We get paid to exploit ourselves."

Thank you, 'Ye! Could you ever imagine Kim being so straightforward?

West went on to explain that he's protective of daughter's North West's privacy. But he'll also give her to chance to choose for herself someday just how much she wants to be in the spotlight.

"I’m [going to] give my daughter the opportunity to choose when she wants to be exploited," he said. "That’s the reason we didn’t take any money for any baby pictures.”

Kanye also compared himself to Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson during the long chat and decreed that he’s a “Christian revolutionary visionary products person,” while saying there may be “fighter jets” at his wedding.

As for his proposal to Kardashian?

“I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her, and I just had to wait through a bunch of relationships to finally get my chance,” he said, adding that he thought popping the question at AT&T Park in San Francisco “would be dope.”

And it definitely was, we must admit. Have you seen the official Kim Kardashian engagement video?

West also said the ring he handed over to Kim was barely four hours old at the time of the proposal and that he was "nervous" to get down on one knee. But he's also thrilled with how it all went down.

"I gotta apologize to the race of males for turning it up so much," he said of setting the proposal bar so high for boyfriends going forward.

Again, this is why we love Kanye West.

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