Jenelle Evans to Embark on Speaking Tour?!

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Just when you thought you'd heard everything, wrap your brain around this:

Jenelle Evans has apparently decided to cash in on her MTV quasi-fame by educating the masses about teen pregnancy prevention. Seriously.

To that end, she's already lined up a gig in Chicago. For reals.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry

Jenelle Evans' story of teen pregnancy and its consequences is a cautionary tale. Or maybe that's just her life. She doesn't do much with the kid, honestly.

If you want someone to relay the dangers of rampant weed and heroin use, getting arrested a lot or beating the crap out of people, she's your girl!

In all seriousness, this speaking engagement is like a thing.

"Chicago coming yr way in November! Details will be coming soon for all my events," Jenelle tweeted last week, to which Kailyn Lowry responded:

"Ummmm take me with after baby is born!"

Every speaking tour needs a co-headliner.

One can only imagine Jenelle filling an hour musing about life, love, weed, Olive Garden, Kieffah, more weed, Gary, Courtland, Nathan ... whatever.

Oh, right, and Jace. Cute little guy. Him too.

You have to wonder. It's one thing to watch Teen Mom 2, but paying to see Jenelle in person? How boring can one's life be that one would consider that?!

A Barbara Evans speaking tour? Now that would be worth it.


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