Creepy Hiking Video: Sick Joke Prompts Police Investigation

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Local police reportedly investigated a video posted to LiveLeak in which a hiker secretly videotaped another hiker and implied that ... well, see it for yourself.

The footage was shot on Montara Mountain in Pacifica, Calif. It shows a young woman hiking alone. Then the guy does something that will give you the chills:

Even worse? His LiveLeak caption: "Just the way I like to spend my time once I'm at the Peak... ;) I take in the views... Coincidental Friend appears... lol..."

"I'll upload the rest of the video later. Cheers!!!"

Area residents were not LOLing.

Police apparently investigated and tracked down the guy who uploaded it, and people were quick to identify the woman in the video to say she's fine.

It looks, fortunately, to have been a sick joke. That's it.

Still, if the woman is at all aware she was the subject of this, we're certain she'll give up hiking alone for a while and likely never set foot in that place again.

Would you, knowing this happened at your expense?

As for how filming this video could ever be your idea of "fun" in a world where horrible, randomly violent encounters have become so commonplace?

Guy might want to talk to a therapist ASAP.

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