China: Excited Over New Justin Bieber Music Video, Potential Tourism Boom

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Yes, he's a musical superstar.

But Justin Bieber is also an accidental member of the Chinese board of tourism, according to this large Asian nation, which apparently is thrilled over the singer's latest music video.

Sources tell TMZ that the Chinese embassy is thrilled over Bieber's video for "All That Matters" because it features the singer hanging out at the Great Wall of China... and what could be a better advertisement for this iconic structure than that?!?

Moreover, with Bieber soon to be lining China's pockets with tourist cash, a rep for the embassy quoted an old national proverb that says one only becomes a man when one climbs The Great Wall.

So, congratulations, Justin Bieber! You are now a man in the eyes of America's greatest financial enemy!

Perhaps you don't need to be carried up the Great Wall next time. Seriously, dude.


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