Bruce Jenner to Kris Jenner: I Will Destroy You!

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A cameraman felt the wrath of Bruce Jenner the day after he and estranged wife Kris confirmed their separation.

Jenner cursed off a reporter who dared ask him about the situation during a round of golf.

But the new issue of In Touch Weekly claims that anger is nothing to what's awaiting Kris, as Bruce may be remaining jovial to the press… but he's seething inside.

“He despises Kris,” a Kardashian insider tells the tabloid. “He wants to keep the peace for his kids’ sake, but he’s not going to put up with any more of Kris’ antics or be humiliated any longer.

"He knows way too much - and it can all come back to bite her in the butt.”

Cue scary music, folks!

Bruce posed for an Instagram photo with Kris and his sons Brody and Brandon soon after the split was announced.

Bruce Jenner to Destroy Kris Jenner?

And he's said on multiple occasions that he's doing well, no divorce is in the works, everyone is simply happier with this arrangement. But what if all that is a cover? What if he's just biding his time and has plans to eventually give an interview or pen a tell-all?

From actual person responsible for leaking the Kim Kardashian sex tape to any number of ways in which Kris has pressured and/or bullied her kids, it's easy to imagine the sort of bombshells Bruce could drop.

Will he do so? Stay tuned!

And choose a side in the split in the meantime:

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