Kris Jenner Poses with Stepsons, Kalls Out TMZ

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Kris Jenner says she's much happier without Bruce Jenner.

But that doesn't mean the newly single reality star can't also be happy with Bruce Jenner on occasion, along with his sons Brody and Brandon.

Kris snapped a couple photos of herself with her husband and her stepchildren yesterday, including with them a couple of captions:

The first simply reads "Another amazing night." The second reads "SorryTMZ got it wrong AGAIN."

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Jenner is referencing a story on that website that claims Brody and Brandon Jenner are thrilled their dad is now separated from Kris, who they never really liked and who they blame for keeping the family apart.

But TMZ is standing by its report.

It reiterates that Brody and Brandon are glad their dad is permanently based nearby in Malibu and that he would often ignore the boys on their birthdays over the years, an estrangement they blamed directly on his marriage to Kris.

They're excited to play golf with Bruce now and to reconnect with their father.

Kris? She's probably just happy her name has been constantly in the news this week. Don't be surprised if she marries again in the near future and then announces another separation, just to keep the publicity going.

We're also awaiting her rebuttal to Wendy Williams' claim that Jenner is a greedy viper.

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