Terrence Howard: Possibly Suicidal, Accused of Beating Ex-Girlfriend as Well as Wife

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Terrence Howard's ex-wife says he threatened suicide during their violent dustup this summer, and now an ex-girlfriend says he got physical with her as well.

Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent says he threatened to kill her as well as himself, which led to her obtaining a restraining order against the Crash star.

Incredibly, that's not even the most surprising allegation against him today.

A former girlfriend of the 44-year-old has come forward with shocking photos and claims that he hit her and gave her a black eye and bruises on her body.

May Seng Yang claims she dated Howard off and on for 12 years, and during a May 2012 altercation at his Pennsylvania home, he attacked her.

With Howard's then-girlfriend Erica Taylor present, Yang claims Howard choked her, threw her to the ground and struck her left eye with his fist.

According to Yang, Howard reached out to let her know he would be home on the weekend of May 5-6 and wanted her to stop by, but didn't follow up.

So she showed up, and he was not happy. Yang recalls:

“I was standing outside the gate, and Terrence came outside smoking a cigarette. Then said, ‘What are you doing here? This is my girlfriend and I told you not to come by.’”

“I said, ‘You just talked to me two weeks ago, I just saw you about a month ago.’ He got angry and started calling me a b!tch and said, ‘I told you to leave me alone.’"

"He walked in the house. I was still talking to Erica about me and Terrence,” she adds, and after a few minutes, “Terrence came to the gate again."

"He opened the gate and then came towards me with anger. I took a few steps backwards. He then grabbed me with his hands and choked the right side of my neck."

“Then he pushed me to the ground. As I was on the ground, he then smacked me across the face and hit my left eye with his fist.”

Howard has not commented on either new allegation.

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