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The stars of MTV’s Teen Mom 3 are growing up fast.

The second episode of the season proved this again and again Monday night as the fab four struggled with bullying, debts, birth control, laziness … you name it.

Come along for THG’s official +/- recap!

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Mackenzie Douthit’s boyfriend Josh McKee decided not to move in with her after all, instead working out a deal where he stays over once per week.

He does this to help out with son Gannon, but Mackenzie’s mom set down the rules: the pair sleeps in different rooms, and no sex before marriage.

A little late for that. Minus 70.

Realizing the error of her ways – not boning, but unprotected boning – Mackenzie considers birth control. Plus 100. Of course, that’s hard to bring up with mom.


Her mom wishes they would just abstain, which is like wishing Kim Kardashian would simply disappear from the public eye, but we see her point.

Plus 40 for that, but Mackenzie goes behind her back and makes a doctor’s appointment to get advice on which birth control option would be best.

She eventually gets an IUD. Plus 40 for at least being responsible when it comes to sex, and gaining some experience from the first happy accident.

Katie Yeager proudly shows off her engagement ring to her family, but she and Joey Maes decide to wait until she finishes college to get married.

The pair examines their finances and the idea of getting a place together, which is when the other shoe drops. Joey is deep in debt. Minus 200.

Joey gets angry that he’s working long hours like a responsible adult and they’re living in a nice apartment, while Katie’s acting like they’re broke.

He gets angry and storms out on her, leaving her crying. Not the best lesson in conflict resolution. Plus 50 for working hard. Minus 150 for communication.

Briana DeJesus has dropped her court order against ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin. That’s the good news. The bad? Talking to Devoin about cyber-bullying.

She shows him a protective order she presented to the court to keep him away from her family, and warns that she will follow through with the court order.

But, being the bigger person, Briana allows Devoin to babysit their daughter for an hour to see how he handles her. Plus 30 for going to the effort.

Devoin lasts about a half hour with the baby before he’s calling for help. Plus 70 for making the point that will hopefully gain his respect a bit as well.

Alex Sekella really wants to start over with boyfriend Matt, who is out of rehab and still not contributing to the family. Step up your game, Matt. Minus 90.

She admits he “doesn’t know how to be a dad,” but expects him to get a job and be more interested in their daughter, which he is really not. Minus 110.

Matt accuses Alex of acting like his probation officer, while Alex’s mom tries to get the two to coexist peacefully for the sake of Arabella. Plus 40.

Eventually, the couple goes to therapy to talk out their trust issues and take steps to learn how to communicate. It’s a baby step, but a good one. Plus 50.