School Bus Driver Suspended After Student's Cellphone Video Shows Her Texting

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A Florida school bus driver has been suspended after being caught texting on a viral video shot by one of the middle school students on board.

Venus Cotto-Silva's daughter, an eighth-grader, captured the footage.

The Hillsborough County school bus driver was allegedly driving with one hand on the wheel while looking down at her phone in the other hand.

"When she showed me, I just couldn't believe it," Cotto-Silva said.

A Florida law to ban texting while driving goes into effect October 1, although bus drivers will be exempt. As for why the teen was shooting the video?

The 14-year-old girl says she was trying to gather evidence that the driver curses. Instead, she looks to have busted the woman drifting into another lane while texting.

Then, it appears that the bus driver finally looks up from her phone and suddenly grabs the wheel with both hands just in time to avoid oncoming traffic.

"The scary part is, see how quickly she grabbed the wheel?" Cotto-Silva said.

Texting and Driving

Calling it a violation of policy, the school district said in a statement:

"Clearly the driver is looking at her phone. That's a dangerous distraction for any driver, but the potential danger is greater when you have a bus full of children."

The suspended driver has not been identified.

Despite the driver's suspension, Cotto-Silva is still concerned. "Not only are they going to kill the driver, they're going to kill those children on that bus," she said.

Do you ever text and drive? Would you report someone who did? Is the school making too much out of an issue they never would have known about?

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