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LeAnn Rimes is unable to let her feud with Brandi Glanville go.

Over the course of their ongoing spat, it’s appeared that one side often wants to keep it going while the other wants to let it go. In this case, it’s ALL LeAnn.

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It started when someone tweeted a quote about Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 preview. Here’s what she said:

“I thought you needed rehab. Now I realize its just you.”

This was not Tweeted at LeAnn, nor was it about her.

Still, Rimes re-tweeted it, writing: “@HertelSara: ‘I thought you needed rehab. Now I realize its just you.’ Lol #rhwbh … sorry, can’t deny the truth.”


Again, this Tweet wasn’t about her, it wasn’t to her, and it didn’t involve her at all. Yet she still feels the need to comment on all things Brandi Glanville.

When she was questioned by fans about this, she replied:

  • Cause it’s truth
  • I can’t deal with the lies anymore.
  • I’m a woman w/ the right to stand up for my family and truth. I’m sorry you misunderstand my right to truth. Hope you see through the BS one day.
  • You say the truth you’re horrible, you deny the truth, you’re liar….. lose, lose… no one cares about the truth

Or you could just let it go LeAnn. Just a thought.