Khloe Kardashian Twitter Photo Changed; Lamar Odom No Longer Featured

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Khloe Kardashian has changed her Twitter profile photo, and husband Lamar Odom's newfound absence from the new image may speak volumes.

For a long time, Khloe’s display picture was an intimate photograph of the couple wearing similar hats with the message “Best Friends.”  Now it's this:

Khloe Kardashian Takes a Stand

Sources speculate that the photo swap might have been influenced by her mother, Kris Jenner, who now wants Khloe to distance herself from Lamar.

“She thinks he is bad news and that Khloe can do much better," an insider says, amid reports that Lamar Odom left drug rehab after just one day.

In addition to causing Khloe immense pain, Kris feels "he has absolutely nothing to offer her or the family. He isn’t officially signed with any team."

"He won’t go to rehab, and he is a bad influence on Rob [Kardashian]. Kris thinks Lamar has tarnished the family name with philandering and drug use."

Odom reportedly checked out of treatment against doctors' advice after only one day as he was not ready to seek treatment for his addiction after all.

“Lamar checked into Robert Shapiro’s rehab center, Pickford Lofts, and pulled a AMA - Against Medical Advice. He left a day later,” a source said.

“Lamar isn’t ready - he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet."

No? It's got to be pretty close by, in any case.

As for why he checked into the facility?

"The only reason he went is because Robert Shapiro gave him an ultimatum: 'Check into rehab and I will help you with your legal problems ... but ONLY if you check in!'”

Odom was arrested for DUI on August 30 after he was pulled over and failed multiple sobriety tests. Days later, he hired Shapiro to represent him.

Shapiro's own son succumbed to drug abuse years ago, and the famous defense attorney has dedicated a great deal and time and money to fighting addiction.

It's unclear if he still plans to represent Lamar, and equally unclear where Odom is at this point, or whether his marriage stands any chance of lasting.

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