Drunk Dude Steals Cat, Feels Bad the Next Day, Posts Apology on Craigslist

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A drink guy who stole a cat felt so bad the next day that he confessed and posted an apology on Craigslist, in hopes of ensuring the feline's safe return.

Django was nabbed by a guy in Chico, Calif., last week. He claims he thought he was rescuing a stray, only to see Django's collar the following morning.

Uh oh.

Stolen Cat

The cat-napper describes Django as a frisky black kitty with sleepy eyes, and while he appears stoned, he doesn't think he is. Let's hope not, anyway.

So if he belongs to you, the thief feels terrible about what he did and would like to return him. Mostly for your sake and the pet's, although also for his.

He's been feeding Django cheese, and does not own a litter box.

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