Kate Gosselin on Jon Firing Warning Shot: Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

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News that Jon Gosselin firing a warning shot at a photographer who allegedly trespassed on his property surprised many people over the weekend.

His ex-wife was not one of those people.

Jon Gosselin: What a Guy

Approached outside the store by the paparazzi (yes, they still follow Kate Gosselin), the mother of eight claimed she's not even aware of what happened.

Simply put, she says she doesn't pay attention to what her ex does, though perhaps she's also just used to his erratic behavior over the past few years.

When a celebrity gossip cameraman explained what happened, she didn't look shocked by Jon's gun-toting ways, saying, "Nothing surprises me anymore."

We believe that, although we're guessing she did hear about the incident and was just choosing to stay out of it and not comment one way or the other.

If you missed it, Jon Gosselin was heading back to the log cabin where he lives and said he was sending a message when a photog followed him out there.

He offered no apology for busting a cap into the air to scare the woman off, claiming he was within his rights as he was standing on private property.

The woman went to file a report against Jon - who admits he did this - but ultimately decided not to make a formal complaint, just give the police an FYI.

Kate, meanwhile, is in the process of suing Jon for allegedly helping the author of a tell-all book about Kate illegally obtain info about his ex-wife.

Good times, as usual, for the fallen reality stars.

This story was first reported by TMZ.

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