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Kanye West just WENT AFTER another photographer at LAX Airport. We kid not. This time, the attack was so bad that paramedics are on the scene.

Kanye West Attacks Photographer

According to TMZ, ‘Ye – who flipped out on a cameraman at LAX earlier this month – was on his way out of the airport when he went BALLISTIC on the guy.

West was leaving the terminal with a bodyguard and about 4-5 members of the paparazzi surrounded him, taking pictures … which he HATES.

One of them was particularly aggressive and probed Kanye with questions, something he’s particularly sensitive to since he got with Kim Kardashian.


Kanye demanded that NO QUESTIONS be asked, but the guy kept at it and West’s rage issues took over; he came at the guy swinging.

West referred to his new policy toward the paparazzi – don’t talk, ever – and when they refused to heed his words, he lost his cool yet again.

It’s not clear if the dude just hurt himself falling down or if he was actually KO’d when ‘Ye attacked, but cops and paramedics are currently on scene.

The extent of his injuries is also unclear. As for Kanye West, he’s long gone, but we don’t expect he’s heard the last of his latest violent encounter.

UPDATE: Kanye has been named a felony suspect by police.

Stay tuned, as this is still a developing story

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