Girl Gets Dumped Via Text, DESTROYS Guy in Response, Posts on Blog

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Quin Woodward Pu's response to being dumped via text message illustrates why dumping someone via text message is probably never a good idea.

If a guy texting his mistress to break up but actually sending the offending message to his wife wasn't crazy enough for you, you've got to read this:

Quinn Text

Pu is the author two memoirs about becoming a writer, PR worker and girl-about-town in Washington, D.C. instead of attending medical school.

As such, she has a personal blog ... which she used to RUIN a guy she met in a bar, went on a few dates with and was soon dumped by over text.

The text above is what Pu (pictured) got right before her birthday. She was turning 26, she writes on her blog. She'd been out with the guy twice.

Pu, at first, was "stunned into paralysis" by the breakup text, and "had no words."

Then she decided to let the dude have it with this epic response:

Quinn Response

She then took to her blog to blast the infamous text and her reply.

In it, she denies the idea that "as a 25 year old with two published books and a condo" she even wanted a relationship with this man in the first place.

And, adding injury to indignity, she says she forwarded "taxpayer-funded sexts from your agency blackberry" to the government employee's manager.

Pu has received some negative feedback for bragging about her condo, but she tells HuffPost it's symbolic of not needing a man (or "some rando").

"I wanted him to see that I am a self-sufficient person," she says.

"I did NOT have a sexual relationship with this person. I went on two dates. I call that getting to know someone. This is why the 'dumping' infuriated me so much."

Basically, she wasn't upset about being broken up with, per se. Just that he was "presumptuous" enough to think she could be broken up with, via text to boot.

But all is not lost for Pu, whose book sales are up by "1600 percent."

What do you think? Good for her? Total overreaction? Discuss!

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