Husband Awakens From Surgery, Asks Wife: Are You a Model?!?

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Hey men, wanna get on the really good side of your better half? Follow the lead of Jason Mortensen:

Get surgery. Wake up in a hospital with a heavy dose of medication in your system and ogle the woman behind the camera... who happens to be your wife!

In a video that's simultaneously hilarious and romantic, Mortensen spies a female beside his bed and immediately asks if the doctor sent her and whether or not she's a model.

Upon being told she's actually married to Candice, the woman by his bedside, the barely conscious patient responds: "You're my wife?!? Holy s--t! Dang!"

It only gets cuter and sweeter from there, as Jason refers to his wife as "eye candy," says he has "hit the jackpot" and wonders: "Have we kissed?!?"

Following this accidental display of affection, we have a feeling the two will be doing A LOT more than that once they're in a different kind of bed together.

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