Robin Thicke, Naked Models Cover Treats!

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Robin Thicke is doing what Robin Thicke does once again.

This time, the 36-year-old husband of Paula Patton is on the cover of a magazine called Treats! Surrounded by a bevy of nude women, of course.

In other news, there's a magazine called Treats!

Robin Thicke, Nude Models

"I've done some topless photo shoots before but never completely nude," Thicke says, noting that it was Paula Patton who encouraged him to go all out.

"It was very sexy and I like that. At first I thought, 'Okay, let's just do topless' ... but, again, my wife and her friends were like, 'No way … go all the way.'"

"I think we definitely pushed the envelope."

It's definitely not the first time. Remember ...

He earned some negative press for all of the above, but his relationship hasn't taken any noticeable hits, meaning Paula could be the coolest chick ever.

Thicke says Patton is fine with his sex appeal taking center stage, and it's a good thing too, because it seems to cause a stir every time you turn around.

"When I was talking to my wife and her friends about the video," Robin recalls. "They said, 'Do something like Treats! because you love it so much.'"

And so he did. And likely will again.