Frank Ocean: I Sold Crack in High School

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A little over a year ago, Frank Ocean made a startling announcement, shocking the music world by admitting he's bisexual.

Now, the Grammy winner has surprised fans once again.

"I sold a lot of cocaine and crack" in high school, Ocean tells Oyster magazine, adding that he lacked "a parent who encouraged" his music interests at the time.

But the star isn't looking for sympathy by making this fact public, nor is he offering to hook Lamar Odom up.

"Don't bring out the string section. It's not really sad," he says. "My attitude was pure. I love to make music, and I love to write. It was writing first. I love to write and express myself in that medium, so that was the pure part - just the love of doing something."

Ocean, whose album "Channel Orange" is beloved by critics and who has penned songs for such stars as John Legend and Justin Bieber, said he finally realized that he had to take his life and dreams into his own hands.

"It wasn't like I just woke up and had an epiphany, but it was a transition where I began to realize that if I didn't really begin to focus on the work, I couldn't see any way for me to become who I wanted to become," he said. "It just wasn't going to happen."