Amanda Bynes to Remain in Mental Health Facility Until 2015?

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Amanda Bynes' mental illness is severe enough that the troubled actress may end up staying in facility for a year and a half, according to a new report.

Her lawyer was in a New York City court today asking for a postponement for up to 18 months while the star continues to receive psychiatric treatment.

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Everything we've heard up until now has indicated that she may be hospitalized for awhile, but this report is the first we've heard suggest 2015.

Today's hearing stems from Bynes' arrest for allegedly throwing a bong out the window of her apartment and onto a Manhattan street this year.

Her lawyer, Gerald Shargel, echoed the sentiments of the attorney in Bynes' 2012 DUI case, who argued that Amanda is mentally unfit to stand trial.

That lawyer, Rich Hutton, told a judge that his client "does not have the mental capacity" to understand the nature of the proceedings or the consequences.

Assuming that's true, and you have to believe it is based on what we know about Amanda Bynes' actions in the past 18 months, it's both amazing and sad.

The judge transferred the matter to the mental health court.

According to TMZ, it's likely the bong-tossing case will likely end in a plea bargain and be dropped altogether, thus making her competency a moot point.

The DUI case could be a different story, as the case against her is stronger and the alleged crime more serious. In any case, she's not being tried anytime soon.


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