The Smurfs 2 Reviews: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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I love the Smurfs. Who doesn't? They're blue, cuddly, cute, and adorable.

However, after their first outing, even adults who remember the cartoon of their youth with great fondness were rooting for Gargamel. That hasn't stopped the team behind Smurfs at coming back for a sequel.

Is it more of a bad thing or have they righted the ship? We'll turn to the critics and then you can compare them to the 2 Guns reviews and make a decision as to who gets your entertainment dollars this weekend!

The Smurfs 2 Photo

Not so much of a film as it is a collection of images and sounds that bludgeon you. -- Laremy Legel,

I found "The Smurfs 2" to be more enjoyable and far less obnoxious than [the original]. This, of course, is like saying having a cavity filled is preferable to a root canal, but in the dog days of the summer blockbuster season, beggars can't be smurfers. -- Sean O'Connell, Washington Post

At least they didn't rap this time. -- Willie Waffle,

Smurfs 2 heroically carries on the franchise's traditions of being trite, noisy, and lazily assembled. -- Matt Fowler, IGN Movies

Only adults with 'Smurf-holm syndrome' could love this film. --  Philip Brown, Globe and Mail

Aside from a toned-down finale that thankfully doesn't attempt to re-create the exhausting multiple climaxes of the original's Central Park finale, The Smurfs 2 is as bald a retread as the unimaginative title might suggest. -- Eddie Harrison, The List

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