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Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella and Briana DeJesus are all different young women in different situations, but have one thing in common.

The show is called Teen Mom 3. You know what that is.

Their stories began on Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant. How are they faring now that they’re no longer with child (well, except in Mackenzie’s case)?

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Let’s find out in THG’s recap of the series premiere!

Mackenzie Douthit is doing what she can to balance her junior year of high school, cheerleading, Type I diabetes, son Gannon and fiance Josh McKee.

That’s a lot on a girl’s plate, to be sure.


Josh pledged to give up bull riding and rodeos for Mackenzie and Gannon. Plus 100. Yet he also seems to keep pulling away from the pair. Minus 100.

He cannot decide if he will move in with the family … but of course we know he does, because he married Mackenzie Douthit a few weeks ago.

Congrats on that, BTW. Plus 500.

Katie is raising daughter Molli with boyfriend Joey Maes, taking courses at a community college and working part time. Not a glamorous life.

Realistic, though, and credit to MTV for showing it. Plus 50. At least she tries to balance it and has her head on straight. Jenelle Evans, take notes.

Uh oh. Joey dents her car and will not apologize. Minus 50.

They argue. Passionately. Katie says she wants to go back to how things were before they had a baby. Joey proposes to Katie, and she accepts.

That was quick! Plus 250 in the hopes that they can work it out. That’s a lot of relationship work to be done on the fly, but again … A for effort.

Alex’s daughter Arabella was going to be given up for adoption, but could not do so after she gave birth to her. Now she’s really fighting to provide.

She now works three part time jobs while still in high school and Matt McCann not really pulling his weight, though he does live with them after rehab.

Alex fears that he won’t stay clean, and it looks like those fears are not unfounded, as a relapse is around the corner for him. Sad. Minus 200.

Briana’s ex, Devoin Ri’chard Austin II, was left off of her baby’s birth certificate. That’s how strained their relationship has been in the past year.

Briana wonders if she should have had an abortion like her sister did. Plus 100 for the honesty of airing this, regardless of whether she did it or not.

Devoin starts trashing her online. Minus 800 for that move … after which he says he wants to work things out with her. Uhh, Plus 50, we guess?

All in all, Farrah Abraham and some of her Teen Mom cohorts have set the bar low, while others have managed to lead healthy, productive lives.

How will these four fare? We can’t wait to find out.