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Claire Johnson, 50, and Mark Gaffey, 52, were meant to be together.

The two, both visually impaired, were brought together when their seeing-eye dogs, Rodd and Venice, fell in love during a training course in England.

No matter how hard people tried to keep them apart, the pups tried to “snuggle together under a table and give each other dog kisses,” Today reports.

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Soon, their interest in one another spread to their owners.


The pair decided to give romance a shot once training was over. And much to Rodd and Venice’s glee, Johnson and Gaffey will be tying the knot next spring.

“It’s going to be as much [the dogs’] day as it is ours,” Gaffey said. “They’re central to the whole thing … at the end of the day, they brought us together.”

They’re not kidding about that, either.

Rodd and Venice will walk down the aisle wearing harnesses covered in flowers, and their wedding cake will be decked out with bones and paw prints.

Puppy love – and more – at its finest!