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Kim Kardashian has made her second video appearance of the month.

Following a taped message to Kris Jenner on the latter’s talk show late last week, the reality star took to Keek yesterday for some reason and continued to tease an eventual, actual return to public life by sticking her tongue out and smiling.

Yup. That was it. The video lasts even shorter than Ray J in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, so press Play now and don’t dare blink:

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The universe, of course, is waiting to see both Kardashian’s body and her daughter, North West.

Rumors remain rampant that Kim is afraid to truly show herself until every ounce of baby weight is gone, while debates rage over just why Nori has been kept in hiding.

Is she okay? Is Kanye West insisting on it? Will we soon be hit with a barrage of tabloid covers the likes of which we’ve never seen? Stay tuned if you care, readers.