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Kick-Ass 2 has found itself in the middle of a bit of controversy. Jim Carrey slammed the film’s violence and refused to do any press work leading up to this weekend’s release.

Is there too much violence in the film for the average movie-goer? 

Let’s see what the critics have to say with these Kick-Ass 2 reviews and then you can compare them to the Paranoia reviews and see which showdown you’d rather check out this weekend!

“Kick-Ass 2” can’t decide what it wants to be when it grows up: a vessel for unhinged vengeance and destruction or a meta-critique of those same impulses. — Ann Hornaday, Washington Post


Compared to this lame attempt at storytelling the first Kick-Ass is a masterpiece. — Leonard Maltin, Leonard Maltin’s Picks

Bravo Jim Carrey, bravo. Refusing to promote your work in Kick-Ass 2 is the wisest career move you’ve ever made. — Erick Weber, NECN

Writer-director Jeff Wadlow establishes a premise and follows it without compromise, but the trail leads to a very ugly place. In the end, the journey wasn’t really worth it. — Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer - Theatrical
Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer

The savvy wit and inspiration on display in the first film is absent in this dumbed-down, warmed over retread. Consider its ass kicked. — Adam Graham, Detroit News

“But did we make the world a better place?” they keep asking each other. Kick-Ass 2 sure doesn’t. — David Sexton, This Is London