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Civil rights activist Najee Ali is urging a boycott of Russell Simmons in response to his now-infamous Harriet Tubman sex tape comedy skit and "weak" apology.

Ali, director of Project Islamic Hope, wants to boycott all of Simmons‘ business interests over the video, which depicts Tubman having sex with a white slave owner.

Russell Simmons’ apology didn’t cut it either, she says:

“Russell Simmons’ half hearted, and weak apology is not being accepted … to portray Tubman an icon and one of the most bravest women in our nations history in this manner is inexcusable."

“Slavery was not a joke."


"I doubt very seriously that Simmons would produce a comedy skit depicting a holocaust victim engaging in sexual acts with Hitler or a Nazi guard in order to secure her freedom."

"The Jewish community would never allow it. The African American community shouldn’t allow anyone to depict Tubman in this manner. Simmons has to be held accountable.’

As a result, "We’re calling for an immediate boycott of all his business products and companies which include DefJam, PhatFarm and RushCard.”

Khadijah Muhammad of Project Islamic Hope, seconded Ali:

“Simmons has essentially spit in the face of every black woman in the nation by disrespecting the legacy of Tubman. I’m not accepting his apology."

"African-Americans were outraged by Paula Deen’s racist comments. Yet Simmons, who should have known better, should be held to the same standard."

"If we’re going to be outraged by white Americans who we feel make racist comments and light of slavery, we should be just as outraged by Simmons’ ridiculing Tubman and the horrors of slavery."

Do you agree with their points? Or did Simmons’ mea culpa, followed by his removal of the video from his website, put the matter to rest in your eyes?