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With everyone’s fantasy football draft just days away, THG is here to offer advice on practically every position on the field.

Which quarterback should you take after Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees? What about the best running back after Adrian Peterson? The top receiver after Calvin Johnson?

Now, it’s time for the tight ends. We’d stay away from Aaron Hernandez and then we’d pick the following players in the order listed below:

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet
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  1. Jimmy Graham: The clear top choice. He’s Brees’ number-one option and he’s in a contract year.
  2. Rob Gronkowski: He’s either number-two… or he’s not on the list. Recent back surgeries make it impossible to know his status, but will challenge Graham is healthy.
  3. Jason Witten: It doesn’t get much less sexy… or much more consistent.
  4. Tony Gonzalez: Ditto, really. No way would he return for another season if he didn’t feel like he could compete at a high level.
  5. Antonio Gates: Has fallen considerably from his status a couple years ago, but still among the elite. Pretty big drop-off after him.
  6. Vernon Davis: Had a couple big playoff games, but didn’t really connect with Colin Kaepernick prior to them. The loss of Michael Crabtree could also mean more double teams.
  7. Kyle Rudolph: Someone has to catch the ball in Minnesota. Right?
  8. Brandon Pettigrew: Will be overshadowed by Calvin Johnson, of course, but where do you think Matthew Stafford will turn whenever Megatron draws too many defenders?
  9. Greg Olsen: A quality safety valve for Cam Newton.
  10. Owen Daniels: Finished at number-8 tight end in regular ESPN fantasy scoring last year despite nagging injuries.