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In the first of our fantasy football draft guides, THG tackled the position of quarterback.

There’s basically Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees… and then everyone else.

Running back, meanwhile, follows a similar pattern. A year after nearly breaking the all-time mark for yards in a season, Adrian Peterson is the most obvious top pick in some time. But filling out the rest of the Top 10 gets a bit tricky…

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet
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  1. Adrian Peterson: He will not reach his goal this year of 2,500 yards. But, barring injury, he may very well threaten the record once again, while crossing the end zone well over 10 times. The guy is Minnesota’s entire offense.
  2. Ray Rice: More about consistency than anything else. You don’t want to bungle a first round pick and Rice rarely get injured, while producing year in and year out.
  3. Arian Foster: More potential for a huge year than Rice, but injury prone. We’d be shocked if he played 16 games.
  4. Marshawn Lynch: The Beast! An injury to new wide receiver Percy Harvin simply means more carries per game for a back finally getting his due.
  5. Jamaal Charles: Does your league give extra points for touchdowns of 40 years or more? Then this is your man. Will break a long one every other game and is an able pass catcher as well.
  6. Stevan Ridley: This may be a bit high. But who is Tom Brady gonna throw to this season? Ridley scored at least 13 points (basic ESPN League scoring) in 9 of 16 games last season and that was before Wes Welker went to Denver and Aaron Hernandez probably killed someone.
  7. Doug Martin: Over 1,400 yards and 11 scores last year. He’s young and only on his way up.
  8. LeSean McCoy: With Chip Kelly running the offense, look for the Eagles to average more plays than any team in the league. And that means A LOT of touches for McCoy.
  9. Trent Richardson: Probably the best candidate to have a breakout season. But can’t put anyone on Cleveland in our top 5 until we see it.
  10. Alfred Morris: Possible sophomore slump alert, but with Washington likely to ease RGIII back into things, safe to assume they’ll be running the ball often.