Woman Goes to Hospital For Constipation, is Actually Pregnant, Gives Birth Hours Later

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In a story that will likely cause all women to second guess each stomach twinge, a British woman this week went to the hospital because she'd been feeling badly.

She thought it was just constipation. Instead, she was roughly eight months pregnant. 

a baby

Amanda Ross had been out shopping with her partner, Paul Dean, when she started experiencing stomach cramps. She'd previously been feeling bloated but wrote it off as being constipated.

As she felt worse, Ross headed to see her doctor. They sent her over to a midwife who determined that she was indeed pregnant. 

She was sent home with meds to alleviate the stomach issues but only hours later was headed to the hospital. 

Four hours after arriving at the hospital, she gave birth to her daughter Chloe.

In the span of 15 hours, Ross went from thinking she needed to poo, to having a baby. My dog sleeps for over 15 hours a day. It's hard to fathom something that life changing happening in the about the same amount of time as a Labrador nap.

As mind boggling as it is for the rest of us, it's hard to fathom what Ross and Dean are feeling. Best of luck to the new parents!

I'm having a very difficult time not thinking of this Bad Milo trailer when reading this story. I should be ashamed of myself.

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