Trayvon Martin Trial Live Stream: George Zimmerman Won't Testify, May Face Lesser Charges

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After nearly 17 months at the center of the highly charged murder case, George Zimmerman told a Florida judge that he would not testify at his trial.

Zimmerman, 29, is charged with second degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17, in 2012. He maintains that he did so in self-defense.

"What is your decision sir," asked Judge Debra Nelson of the defendant, whose legal team has tried to paint Martin as the aggressor in their confrontation.

"After consulting with counsel, not to testify your honor," Zimmerman replied as the defense promptly rested its case after just a few days of testimony.

The judge's question came after a testy exchange in which Zimmerman's attorney Don West repeatedly objected as Nelson asked if he would take the stand.

She sharply cut off West, with whom she has tangled often during the past month, saying, "I'm asking your client a question. Please, Mr. West. Overruled."

The prosecution said it would present a couple of rebuttal witnesses Thursday, but that should be it for the trial in the Trayvon Martin murder case.

The judge laid out a schedule of closing arguments and rebuttal that would put the case in the hands of the six women jurors on Friday afternoon.

Both sides sparred over what charges Zimmerman may face.

The state wants him to face the possibility of a second-degree murder conviction OR manslaughter and aggravated assault, but the defense objected.

The judge is expected to hash out the range of charges the jury may consider with the lawyers Thursday in what could be a crucial decision in the case.

Second-degree murder, obviously, is a much more difficult sell to the jury. With lesser options on the table, chances of a conviction increase greatly.

If it's an all-or-nothing proposition, Zimmerman's attorneys may have provided enough reasonable doubt to win an acquittal, but only time will tell.

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