10-Year-Old Boy Saves Sister From Drowning

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A 10-year-old boy saved his little sister from drowning after she slipped out of her floating tube in a neighbor's swimming pool and sank to the bottom.


Carson Lewis and sister Hailee, 5, were swimming last month when the neighbor, who was supervising, took her eye off of the little girl for a split second.

"I was playing with my friends and his mother and when we couldn't find her she was floating in her ring and she slipped out of it, and I dived in," he said.

"I got her out and put her on the side of the pool."

Fire Chief Donnie Hall says within the past three weeks alone, New Hanover County, Wisc., has had two reports of children nearly drowning in pools.

He says children should have constant supervision at all times.

Congratulations Carson on a life-saving job well done!

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