Top Ten Summer Video Games: What Will You Play?

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We are in the midst of summer and while the fall and holiday times are the more traditional big video game release times, summer has some gems as well. So I present - My Top Ten Summer Games!!! 

And the crowd goes wild!!!

Okay, let's do this.

10. NHL14 -- September 10th

Had you told me yesterday that NHL14 would even come close to a "most anticipated" list, I would have laughed in your face. Now? Well thanks to the NHL94 Anniversary mode trailer this quickly became a most wanted.

9. Payday 2 -- August 13th

I really enjoyed the first Payday and this sequel would be higher up on the list if I didn't already play the stealth mission based, Hitman. That and I just can not get past the fact that you are able to still hold a gun with two hands while carrying a body.

8. Young Justice: Legacy -- September 30th

I know September 30th is a bit beyond "summer" but as a cartoon based game it just has more of a summer feel to it. I was absolutely crushed when Cartoon Network canceled Young Justice. Very disheartening. So, now I'm putting Young Justice: Legacy on this list just so I can spend some more time with Superboy and his friends.

7. The Wonderful 101 -- September 15th

I don't even have a Wii U, but I still want to play this game. Little bit of StarCraft​ mixed with a dash of Power Rangers and this just looks like fun. I can't imagine I'll go out and get a Wii U for just one game but eh, we'll see.

6. Diablo 3 -- September 3rd

I know, trust me I know. I tried to not include this. I scratched it out in my notes at least four times. I just can't help it. I already play Diablo 3 on the PC, I already play Torchlight on the XBox, why on earth is Diablo 3 on a top ten list? I'm a Blizzard fangirl. As hard as I try not to be, it is what it is.

5. Rayman Legends -- September 3rd

I'm almost 35, so when I first started playing video games, there wasn't any of this open world business. You went where the game told you and you would like it. You couldn't even go backwards. I think that's why I'm looking forward to the side-scrolling Rayman Legends.

4. Disney Infinity -- August 18th

Let's just head it off at the pass - Disney Infinity was announced way back in 2010 long before Skylanders came out so it isn't some Skylanders knock-off. I have no shame in being a grown ass adult looking forward to buying toys for my video game. No shame at all.

3. GTA V -- September 3rd

I touched (okay, more than touched) on it when talking about this Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer, but I'm looking forward to this merely because a.) it's GTA and b.) I really want to see this leisure business. I want to go paragliding or whatever else they have in store.

2. Civilization 5: Brave New World -- July 9th

I have Sid Meier's name tattooed to my ass like Xavier Roberts' to that of a Cabbage Patch doll. No, I don't, but never say never! I love the Civilization​ series in all of its forms and Brave New World looks like another fun expansion pack.

1. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix -- September 10th

If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts before and are wondering how on earth a remix would make the top of any list, then you need to get this game. No really, you need to. Great storylines, great characters, great gameplay. There is a reason that there were so many people who absolutely freaked when it was announced there would be a Kingdom Hearts 3. It is that good.

So that's my top ten - what'd I miss? Have a game you're looking forward to that I need to be playing this summer? Let me know down in the comments.