NHL 94 Anniversary Trailer: This is Really Happening!

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So apparently everything that was old is now new again. Yesterday I laughed about returning to 1982 with this Rambo video game trailer but now we are heading back to 1994.

With this "NHL 94 Anniversary Mode" trailer, as part of NHL 14!

Before this moment, NHL 14 wasn't even a blip on my radar. I'm still playing NHL 08 and haven't felt the need to upgrade. Until today. 

NHL 94 was one of the greatest old school games ever. Eh-ver.

There were no penalties. You could spend the entire game just checking people left and right, no biggie. 

It was pure anarchy when it came to the action on the ice. Want a 40+ point game? Not a problem. Go ahead and pull both goalies. There were no rules! Those lines on the ice? They mean nothing!

NHL 14 comes out on September 10th. Let the bloodletting begin.

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