Thor: The Dark World Video Game Trailer Brings Power of Asgard to Your Phone!

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Admit it... when you watch the Thor: The Dark World trailer you think, "I really wish I could play a game as Thor on my phone." Well today is your lucky day because Gameloft has announced its newest mobile endeavor and it's exactly that.

Check out the Thor: The Dark World teaser trailer below!

Being released alongside the film in November, Thor: The Dark World video game puts the power of Thor's hammer in your hands, literally, as you play through over 100 missions with the goal of bringing order to the Nine Worlds. 

Perhaps we'll see a bit of Tom Hiddleston's Loki as well? We'll have to wait and see!

It has been announced that the game will be "free to play" which means there will likely be micro-transactions in the game, much like every other free to play game out there.

This Thor: The Dark World video game announcement is the latest in many mobile gaming headlines with the Firefly Online announcement trailer being released as well as the news that Angry Birds Star Wars is coming to consoles.

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