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I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen a bird fly off into space, not hitting anything or anypig, while playing Angry Birds Star Wars and thought to myself, "man, I really wish I could miss that box of TNT while playing on this on my XBox."

Well it appears as if Rovio and Activision have heard my bitter mutterings as they are bringing Angry Birds Star Wars to all consoles, including hand-helds!

Angry Birds Star Wars Console Teaser

According to the press release, in addition to the levels already in the mobile game, there will be an additional 20 levels of Angry Birds Star Wars.


The big part of this story however, is the addition of multi-player mode. Not only will there be a two player co-op mode (hopefully same screen co-op is an option), but also a four player vs. mode.

For all you achievement hunters, there will be achievements and trophies as well. Plus leaderboards!

Angry Birds Star Wars will be released on October 29th. Can’t wait until the fall for a new game? Check out our Top Ten Summer Video Games!

What say you THG’ers? Excited to see the mobile game make the jump to the big leagues? Or are you content destroying happy pigs’ lives on the small screen?