The Wolverine Reviews: Hugh Jackman Back Again! Good or Bad Idea?

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Hugh Jackman returns to theaters once again as Logan, the Wolverine. It is his sixth time playing the character in both Wolverine solo outings and in the group X-Men films. 

Does The Wolverine have what it takes to justify yet another trip with the adamantium powered hero?

We'll check out what the critics say in these The Wolverine reviews, you can compare them to both the Fruitvale Station reviews (it opens in wide release today) and The To Do List reviews and make your weekend plans!

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In its astronomically budgeted, effects-laden way, it's appealingly modest. And it has the glory of Hugh Jackman's chest. -- Craig Seligman, Bloomberg News

The Wolverine represents a strain of faux gravitas that squeezes nearly all the fun out of blockbuster moviemaking. Here we have multimillion-dollar proof that slow and unsure can be just as dull as hyperkinetic chaos. -- Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

Although The Wolverine eventually falls back on a comic-book formula and CG effects (the climactic face-off between Logan and a giant silver warriorlike thing is totally generic), Mangold and his team find time to explore more nuanced realms ... -- Steven Rea, Philadephia Inquirer 

A refreshing summer cocktail of action-movie staples, The Wolverine combines the bracingly adult flavor of everyone's favorite mutant antihero with the fizzy effervescence of several mixers from the cabinet of Japanese genre cinema. -- Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post

This is a serious, sometimes dark and deliberately paced story. -- Richard Roeper,

A handful of bold ideas brought down by the need to regress to a blander, more box-office-friendly middle ground. -- Ian Buckwalter, NPR

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