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The romantic fate of The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock has been the topic of great debate (and The Bachelorette spoilers) in recent days.

Throughout the season, there’s been talk of a surprising, shocking ending – and the new Us cover story certainly hints at such a development:

According to the magazine, Desiree Hartsock has been flat-out rejected by the lucky man she hoped to marry during her season of the show.

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Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney are all still in the running heading into the two-part finale, but all the talk has been about Brooks.


Alleged spoilers hint at major drama involving the front-runner in these last two episodes, with the unusual editing of the season cited as evidence.

Unlike past seasons, Desiree Hartsock has been up front about the fact that he’s her top choice, while the Men Tell All special was moved up a week.

This, the theory goes, was to set up a two-part “cliffhanger” finale starting this coming Monday, though it’s still far from clear what actually goes down.

Would he really turn her down, spurn her dreams and make a stunning exit from the show, as the magazine suggests? He very well might.

Of course, he might also not … or he might bail and come back. Or it might not be Brooks at all who does the leaving, or Des might just peace out.

And now there’s this: Nate Hartsock, her outspoken brother, has gone on record, Tweeting that “Reality Steve is wrong” about the end of the season.

Steve, the spoiler guru, has stood by his early prediction that Des gets engaged on the finale and that the drama beforehand doesn’t change that.

How do you think it will play out? Share your comments below!