Fruitvale Station Reviews: Does the Film Give Justice to True Story?

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We've seen the Pacific Rim reviews but let's take a moment and look at a film that is all the way at the opposite end of the movie spectrum.

Unless you are a soap opera watcher, Michael B. Jordan is best known for his work as Wallace in the HBO show, The Wire. A talented actor for sure, will his performance in Fruitvale Station, opening this weekend, be of the same caliber?

Check out these reviews, give a glance at the Grown Ups 2 reviews and hopefully the critics give a better idea as to which movie to see this weekend!

Fruitvale Station Poster

Fruitvale Station is a gut punch of a movie. By standing in solidarity with Oscar, it becomes an unstoppable cinematic force. -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Powerful and disturbing.Michael B. Jordan is brilliant. It shows us we can't change the past but with movies like this perhaps we can make a better future. -- Pete Hammond, Movieline

Ryan Coogler does a remarkable thing with his first feature film. He makes it look like he has been in the business as a director for years. -- Robin Clifford, Reeling Reviews

[Ryan] Coogler isn't exactly an invisible hand. He pokes and prods his audience at every turn: Neither the false moments nor the powerful ones leave much mystery about how we're supposed to feel. -- Scott Tobias, The Dissolve

At a time when the multiplexes are crowded with coarse comedy and inept spectacle, here's a homegrown movie that honors its subject and the medium. -- Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

A sad, touching and subtle film. -- A.O. Scott, New York Times

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