Teen Wolf Recap: "Motel California"

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Welcome to the Motel California, Teen Wolf fans.

Following what many had considered a subpar run of episodes, this MTV drama ratcheted up the intensity and drama last night. What a terrific hour of television.

Let's run down all that took place, shall we?

Nightmare for Boyd
  • Stranded on the way to their track meet, the kids checked in to the motel with the highest rate of suicide in California. One of the victims? Mr. Argent's uncle in 1977.
  • With the hashtag "#SherlockStiles" on screen, our hero (along with Lydia and Allison) used their human skills to save their pals from the forces at Capri.
  • Only Lydia could hear the cries of those who killed themselves, due to her connection with Peter.
  • Isaac hid in reaction to the screams that plagued his mind, while Boyd could not shake the nightmare of a baby being drowned in the bathtub. Good thing Lydia and Stiles came to his rescue.
  • There was a great deal of sex.
  • Ms. Blake cared for Derek… without asking very many questions. But here's one: is there any chance she's working for Deucalion?
  • Mr. Argent learned that Deucalion bit his uncle. Uh-oh!

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