T-Ball Argument Leads to Fight, Assault Charge For Coach

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In what may be a new low for youth sports, one coach became so enraged with an opposing coach that he physically charged and attacked him.

So violently that it led to an arrest for assault.

T-Ball Arrest

Astonishingly, this really happened, with one coach aggressively knocking another to the ground and pummeling him while his players looked on in tears.

The coaches involved were 32-year-old Anthony Borders, the alleged attacker, and 56-year-old Oscar Cantu, who began by verbally sparring.

An umpire intervened, but soon enough, tensions boiled over again.

According to South Bend, Ind., ABC affiliate WBND, the second time the coaches began jawing at each other, Borders charged directly at Cantu.

"All of a sudden we were arguing and I was on the ground- I didn't see it coming. I didn't know what happened," Cantu told WBND afterward. "I was on the ground."

"I knew there was a couple of my kids that were crying."

Police showed up on the scene shortly thereafter and discovered Cantu bleeding on the ground, leading to Borders’ arrest on assault charges.

WBND reported that Cantu was recovering shortly after the attack, but that he suffered a broken nose and burst blood vessels in his eyes from the attack.

All from an argument over T-ball. Truly amazing.