Spike Lee Hits Up Kickstarter For New Movie: All Good or Really Tacky?

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If you have been waiting for that moment in which Kickstarter jumped the shark... this might be it.

In the video below, Spike Lee lays out his reasons for turning to Kickstarter as well as a little bit about the movie he's hoping you, the fans, will bankroll.

Warning: This is Spike Lee so there is a bit of NSFW language. Turn down your speakers.

Now, I am a huge fan of Spike Lee's work. I personally would love to see another Spike Lee film.

However, this Kickstarter move is getting a definite side-eye from me. Is Spike Lee saying that he can't self-finance a film? That he can't find a few friends to pitch in a few bucks here and there to get a project bankrolled?

He mentions both the Veronica Mars (check out the Veronica Mars Movie​ trailer!) and Zach Braff Kickstarter campaigns as reasons to why he has created a Kickstarter campaign of his own.

Apparently he didn't look too deeply into either of those stories otherwise he would have seen the backlash that Zach Braff experienced with his project. Veronica Mars was a bit of a different animal because Rob Thomas and company had gone everywhere and had been actively trying to get their movie made for the greater part of a decade, to no avail.

Spike Lee heard about Kickstarter in recent weeks and is already looking to capitalize on the crowdfunding movement. There's nothing inherently wrong with it but it just smacks of "really dude?".

When you have the ability to list your body of work (which includes an upcoming thriller - check out the Oldboy redband trailer), and the majority of people will be able to recognize at least or or two films? Then you likely don't need Kickstarter.

It'd be nice to see if Spike Lee returns the favor and throws few bucks at some smaller Kickstarter campaigns that don't have the benefit of the name Spike Lee attached.

What say you? Is a Spike Lee Kickstarter above the board? Or a bit on the tacky side? Sound off in the comments below.

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