Man Wins Beer-Drinking Contest, Hoists Trophy, Dies in Spain

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If ever there was a cautionary tale of the perils of binge drinking, this just might be it.

Joaquín Alcaraz Gracia was competing in a beer drinking contest in the Murica region of Spain. He did well. He did so well in fact, he won.


After drinking 6 liters of beer in twenty minutes, the equivalent of roughly one and a half gallons, Gracia lifted his trophy and then proceeded to vomit.

A lot. 

So much so that he had to be held upright as he continued to vomit. The man holding him, Pedro Rodríguez - identified as the municipality's vice president - thought he was then sleeping.

In fact, he was dying. 

When the emergency personal arrived they confirmed his not sleeping status and Gracia later died at the hospital, although his cause of death has not been officially established. 

Despite the drinking competition being a long-held tradition, the town's mayor, José Manuel Gracia, has said the festivities will be suspended as they observe a three day mourning period.

Moral of the story?

Drinking a gallon and a half of beer in twenty minutes may seem like a good idea, but it will likely kill you.

Also not a good idea? Running on to the field of the All-Star Game because of Twitter.

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