Kara Rose Marshall: Dating Harry Styles?

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Unlike the Westboro Baptist Church, Kara Rose Marshall apparently does not think Harry Styles is perverted.

The One Direction singer - who has been linked romantically over the past year to Kimberly Stewart and Taylor Swift - was spotted out Sunday with Marshall at the Apple store in New York City.

Harry Styles Photograph

A big deal on its own?

No. But Styles and Marshall also hung out together with friends on a rooftop later that same evening - and they've been spotted on separate occasions recently wearing the same The Who Tour 80 T-shirt.

That means they either share fashion taste... or Marshall has borrowed the singer's top. We wonder how that ever could have happened (wink, wink!).

Marshall is a British model who also studied fashion at school. Her Twitter handle is "@KaraRoseM" and she's unfortunately been inundated with threats and abuse ever since this dating rumor hit the Internet.

“F*CKING STOP LEAVE HIM ALONE," wrote one Styles fan to Marshall this week.