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Anthony Bourdain – who was on to Paula Deen before the rest of the world was on to Paula Deen – has come out with some VERY harsh words for Justin Bieber.

The celebrity chef can stand for many things… but Bieber dared to disrespect a restaurant kitchen in a disgusting video from last year that’s gone viral, leading Bourdain to shred the singer apart on Twitter.

“The chef should have put his foot up this young punk’s ass,” Bourdain said of the peeing incident caught on tape, adding: “My dishwasher ain’t cleaning that up, squirrel balls!”

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The Travel Channel star went on to bash Bieber’s career prospects, Tweeting: “Looking forward to seeing him open for Menudo at the State Fair – in about ten years.”

And he concluded his rant with the following hilarious zinger:

“In a preemptive strike, I plan to tell my daughter that Justin Beiber tortures puppies.”

Sadly, the way Justin is going these days, that might not even be a lie in the near future.