Aaryn Gries Defended By Big Brother Flame David Girton ... Sorta

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David Girton, the Big Brother cast member who made out with Aaryn Gries the first week, is coming to her defense in the wake of the show's racism scandal.

Sort of.

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Girton says he's still rooting for his on-screen flame despite the racist remarks emanating from the mouth of Aaryn Gries (among others) on the show.

Dave, of course, got the boot in the first week of the reality show's 15th season, and missed Aaryn's jaw dropping comments when he was in the house.

He was "shocked," he claims, when he watched back at home.

"People are saying I'm racist because I was with Aaryn," he says.

"That is not me."

David says he's not convinced Aaryn Gries a bigot, but will continue to watch the show to see her "true colors" and is still rooting for her ... for now.

Girton's mom, however, says it's for the best that he left:

“My mom is glad I got off the show early. There are a lot of mean people on there. She was worried that if I was on the show longer, they would have an impact on me."

Besides Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson are in hot water over their homophobic and/or racist comments on the show's live feeds.

Gries and Zimmerman have been cut loose from their day jobs (unbeknownst to them of course), while it appears like Clawson may join that club soon.