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Daria is back! Well, sort of.

Aubrey Plaza, the cartoon’s real life counterpart did a fake trailer for the fake film that undoubtedly everyone in the universe wants to really happen.

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There’s just something about Plaza’s deadpan delivery that fully captures Daria’s sense of ennui.


This trailer, centered around Daria’s high school reunion, seems to have everything. Daria’s sister Quinn who is, of course, still the queen bee. Her best friend Jane Lane and older brother Trent Lane with his band Mystik Spiral. Even her self-absorbed father has a mini-breakdown very reminiscent of the MTV cartoon. 

The only thing missing was the Trentmobile but one would have to imagine that even it finally died in the ten years that have passed.

Will someone please make this movie? Pretty please?

Surely this would be a better use of crowdfunding than Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons or Spike Lee’s Kickstarter?