Anna Benson on Arrest: Just Modeling Bulletproof Vest, My Husband is a "Pu$$y"

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Oh, Anna Benson. You continue to crack us up.

The former Baseball Wives star, who made headlines in 2011 for threatening cast members with a sex toy, was arrested this week for breaking into her ex-husband's apartment and demanding cash.

She was allegedly wielding a handgun and a metal baton at the time... while wearing a bulletproof vest.

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So, what does Benson have to say for herself?

According to the official police report, Benson admitted she was in a foul mood when she went over to her ex's apartment, angry over financial issues and other personal problems, such as his failure to pick up their children.

Yes, she says she smashed his computer with a baton.

But, no, she denies pulling out a handgun, even though police founded one at the scene, along with a knife and loaded ammo belt.

As for the bulletproof vest? Here's the best part: Anna says "it was a new model she was testing for a company" and that she "had to wear it for an extended time to get it to mold to her body."

Finally, authorities say Benson was shocked to be arrested and referred to her ex at the time as a "f-cking pus-y."

Stay classy, Anna Benson.