Happy 57th Birthday, Tom Hanks!

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That's right, it's that guy from Big's birthday today!

We'd sing Happy Birthday to Mr. Tom Hanks but those "Happy Birthday" folks are stickers with copyright laws, so instead let's just look at his Top Ten Characters!

Check out our list below and see if you agree ...

Hanks, T.

10. Buffy and Kip Wilson - Bosom Buddies
9. Jim Lovell - Apollo 13
8. Chuck Noland - Cast Away
7. Paul Edgecomb - The Green Mile
6. Josh Baskin - Big

5. Jimmy Dugan - A League of Their Own 
4. Captain Miller - Saving Private Ryan
3. Woody - Toy Story
2. Andrew Beckett - Philadelphia
1. Forrest Gump - Forrest Gump 

Of course, all these spectacular roles in TV and movies almost pale in comparison to his role as stage dad on Toddlers & Tiaras (on Jimmy Kimmel Live):

Happy Birthday, Tom Hanks! What's your favorite role he's played? Which was the best one we didn't mention? Share it with us in the comments!

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